Your Marketing Mix Needs Video

Now more than anytime before, your marketing mix needs video. Videographer Michael Laramee is our partner in delivering high quality, authentic, message-driven marketing videos for brands. It’s never been a more exciting time to build your brand’s online visual reputation and reach the biggest audience with your message and brand story. See our latest project here.

3 Reasons Your Marketing Mix Needs Video in 2015

#1.  Easy Access to an Audience of 1 Billion

Video published on YouTube gives you access to a huge audience. Consider that more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube everyday! With Facebook now making you pay dearly to reach your fans with each post for content distribution [read about Facebook 2015 News Feed Changes Here], a shift in social media spending for business is assured.

#2.  Potential for Much Higher Rankings

Publishing high quality video content to YouTube will dramatically increase your brand’s online visibility. Google owns YouTube and it’s widely understood that their algorithms favors video content. If you publish and optimize your videos correctly, you’ll be wowed by the number of hits your website will get from YouTube.

#3.  Everyone Loves a Video

People are time starved and the most you can hope for is for them to scan your written brand content as initial onlookers. That’s why video is a social media darling. A brand video published on YouTube is entertaining and easy to share. Can you think of a better way to tell your brand story and make it easy for your audience to consume and share your message? I can’t.

Highlights of our video production services:

  • Videographer Michael Laramee brings hundreds of hours of on-site video filming, editing and video project consulting experience to every project. You’ll love working with Michael. He’s magical at making anyone feel comfortable and at one with the camera. Put simply, he’s the best.
  • We listen to your vision, understand the competitive landscape, and clarify your goals so that our writing and content development ensures your brand’s story is told powerfully and authentically.
  • Killer editing services and attention to detail so the visuals of your video nail the core message.
  • We offer an uncanny ability to help the voice of your brand be unearthed and elevated online.
  • We build your online visual reputation the right way; our best practices in Web development means your content will be published and distributed correctly, saving you time, aggravation and yes folks, embarrassment. Sloppy online behavior is a brand buster!

Here’s another video from videographer Michael Laramee, a digital short excerpt featuring Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick:

Explore the value of a marketing video for your brand in 2015 by calling Ann at 617.531.1672. It begins with a conversation.

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