Why Google Plus Matters to Business

Getting the most out of the Web when you have limited time and resources is a constant challenge. That’s why Google+ is turning out to be the darling of small to medium sized businesses in 2015.

When it first came out, many viewed Google+ as just another social media outpost. But time has shown that the larger value in Google+ is in the powerful way it advances your online visibility.

Google+ Positively Influences Search Rankings

If you’re selling anything, people are going to search for you online. There is a lot of competition on the Web, and having a Google+ account will help your business be found online more easily. Google+ matters to business because it offers a cost effective way to positively influence your search engine optimization rankings [SEO].

Getting Started on Google+

There are tons of resources on the Web to help you set up your brand on Google+. With time and effort You can find loads of content telling you exactly what to do.

For those who want an overview of what’s involved in the process of setting up your Google+ brand page, here is a task list I put together just for you:

7 Tasks to Building Your Google+ Page Right

  1. Set up a Gmail account for your brand. If you find yourself with multiple gmail accounts for your brand already in play, take the time to complete your online housekeeping and consolidate all your Google activities into one branded gmail account. There is massive competition on the Web, do you really want to compete with yourself too?
  2. Set up a Google+ account. It works just like Facebook in that you need to be a person to complete the profile. Include a professional profile image.
  3. Once your individual profile is set up, you can set up a Google+ brand page under the new Google+ personal profile. Be sure to do a thorough account set up that includes a professional profile image, which is likely your logo or other eye catching brand collateral.
  4. Install the Google+ icon button on your company website.
  5. If you’re a brick and mortar store, go through the steps to verify your business with Google so that you are registered for local search.
  6. Google owns YouTube, and that matters because YouTube is the #2 search engine. Be sure that the Gmail account you use for your Google+ brand page is the same as the one associated with your YouTube account. Now, when you post your videos to YouTube, they will automatically populate to your Google+ page.
  7. If you’re a blogger, post your content to your Google+ page. You’ll quickly see how you greater authorship visibility than you would have received if you simply published your blog post to your website alone.

Getting your brand set up correctly on Google+ takes time, but it’s worth it! We promise it will increase your brand’s online visibility in 2015.

Ready to increase your visibility online, grow your brand with Google+, but don’t have the time to do the work yourself?  Give us a call at 617.531.1672; we’re standing by to help you thrive in 2015.

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