Walking Meetings

Summer is around the corner and I’m making the move to offer clients outdoor walking meetings.

I want to do more to take care of my health while fulfilling my work obligations.  While I do a decent job of getting to the gym on week-days, and my week-ends are active with activity, I still spend too much time sitting in a chair in order to do my job [building brands online & handling a heavy load of client account management activities over the phone]. So, it came as no surprise to learn that most Americans sit more than they sleep, and how sitting is widely considered the smoking of this generation.

‘Tis the Season to Get Out of The Office

Walking and talking is not only practical, but people who are outside and on the move enjoy fresh thinking and a free flow of creative ideas. I love how a change in scenery can change thoughts and spark innovation.

Walking Meeting Ground Rules

Walking Meetings are suitable for my clients interested in (1) getting to know more about me, my team and our digital marketing services (2) exploring new business development ideas, (3) discussing specific marketing or social media programs for their business, or (4) clients hankering to pick my brain freely with what’s on their mind.

A walking meeting is still a meeting and here are the ground rules:
  • Length of meeting is 60 minutes maximum.
  • Attire is comfortable walking shoes and attire.
  • There is an established route or destination defined in advance.
  • The walking path includes scenic roads, fields and reservoir paths around my business home base of Southborough, MA.
  • Walking meetings are a no cell phone and no dog zone.
  • There is an agenda and purpose defined in advance for the meeting.
  • The format for the meeting is a discussion featuring an exchange of ideas and answers to questions.
  • The outcome for the client is actionable intelligence with which to move their digital marketing plans forward.
  • Walking meetings are paid for in advance and a start and end time is confirmed at the time of scheduling.
  • If a client cancels a walking meeting, there is no reimbursement and the session is rescheduled.
  • If inclement weather interferes, the meeting will be rescheduled.
  • If I need to cancel a walking meeting, the client is reimbursed immediately and can reschedule at a later date.

From Mark Zuckerberg to President Obama to the bloggers at Huff Post and Inc.com, everyone is raving about the value of walking meetings. If you’re interested in moving you digital marketing forward and getting healthier at the same time, give me a call at 978-460-1157 and let’s blaze a new path together for your digital marketing programs in 2015!

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