Facebook Newsfeed Change

Beginning January 2015, Facebook will actively reduce your brand’s promotional page posts in your fans news feed.

Cost of Content Distribution Rising

New content controls at Facebook will stonewall your organic posts from reaching your fans. Anecdotally marketers have reported in online forums that they have seen this in action already, and online chatter suggests that less than 10% of your posts reach your fans right now. Given the upcoming changes in January 2015, it is highly likely that number will drop even more.

Most businesses are surprised to learn that the content they post on their walls is rarely seen by their fans. For your Facebook fans to see all the content you post, they need to log on to your page directly and read your brand’s timeline. If what you’re sharing on your wall is strategically critical to your marketing, understand that it is unlikely that fans will make time regularly to visit your wall, no matter how much they LIKE you.

Facebook points out that the motivation for the change is to improve the user experience, and that their research has shown that most Facebookers want less brand promotional content on their walls. For a detailed explanation from Facebook on this change, check out the announcement on their blog.

Impact on Businesses

4 Things to Think About:
For your Posts to Reach Your Fans, You’ll Need to Pay

Brands that have gained traction and seen value in Facebook campaigns should increase their Facebook budget in 2015. Each brand needs to decide if it’s worth the price. Look carefully at the outcomes from past Facebook campaigns; if your efforts were powerful business generators, spending the extra money to reach your fans could make sense.

There are Real Benefits to Using Facebook as a Relationship Management Tool

Without spending any new promotional dollars, Facebook remains a terrific relationship marketing tool. By monitoring your page, you have the opportunity to hear from customers directly and respond in real time. By featuring a Facebook button on your website, you can create calls to action for fans to visit your wall and engage. In this day of transparency where customers expect real time feedback, Facebook can be a strategic tool in your relationship marketing and customer service efforts. The same can be said for Twitter and other social media outposts.

Every Vanity URL Helps Your Brand’s SEO

Having a vanity URL and brand page on Facebook contributes to a stronger online reputation. So, even if you’re a no to low user of the platform, have a branded Facebook page with accurate company description, brand images and relevant content like hours of operation are always a good idea. 

Breath New Life Into Your Email Marketing Program in 2015

Social media isn’t the only thing out there. Email marketing might be the sleeping beauty in your 2015 marketing toolkit. Think about it. When you run an email campaign that has been built upon the best practices of permission based marketing, you stand a higher chance of your audience seeing your content than if you posted it on social media. If you have to spend money on acquiring a follower, it’s better to have that contact in your company’s database, than on Facebook. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you own your own list, your content is reaching more of your followers than on social media, and you are never reliant on 3rd party site algorithms (that constantly change!!) that determine who sees your content.

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