What Makes a Website Untrustworthy?

Users won’t do business with websites they don’t trust.

Just as you should sleep in your guest room on occasion to be sure you’re delivering a pleasant reception to visitors, business owners should visit their website regularly to examine if they’re delivering Users a comfortable and safe visit.

This matters enormously to your bottom line because nothing drives Users away from a website and brand faster than encountering an untrustworthy website.

Determine your website’s trustworthiness by asking yourself these 5 questions:

1 ~ Does Your ABOUT Page Suggest Trustworthiness?

Creating a trustworthy website begins at the design phase. Our websites place a priority on showing the people and passion behind the brand because Users want to know who they are doing business with. If your About page features a stock image and features scant information about who is running the business, you’ve got work to do.

Check out these TRUST BUILDING About Pages:

2 ~ How Old Is Your Website?

Was your website created more than 5 years ago and not been updated in a remarkable way since? If so, you’re sending a message that you’re not invested in your business, your customers or your prospective customers. Users are known to make snap decisions on whether or not to engage simply by the first impression of a site.

Here are signs of an old, poorly designed website that sends visitors clicking away:

  • Garish colors and no evident brand identity.
  • Small pictures, or pictures of inferior quality.
  • Unclear and hard to follow navigation.
  • Hard to find contact information
  • A website not optimized for all device sizes.

3 ~ How Old is your Website Content?

Websites should be updated regularly with fresh content. Fresh content signals to search engines that you are a worthwhile website destination and delivering a relevant User experieince. Visitors can spot a neglected website a mile away with clues like:

  • your latest blog post was written months ago.
  • Your footer is dated with the incorrect calendar year.
  • Your About page images don’t match what you look like today.
  • Your social media profiles have been abandoned or feature expired content.

If Users think that you’re not updating your website and online brand with the information they need to do business with you, they will vamoose to your competition in a click.

4 ~ What’s the Load Time on your Website?

Website speediness is expected from Users. If it takes too long for your website to load, it shows neglect. And, if you neglect your website’s hosting requirements, you might just neglect them as customers.

5 ~ Have you upgraded your website to SSL Certification [HTTPS]?

Every website has either HTTP or HTTPS in the URL address. This indicates where or not your site has an SSL certificate. There are several reasons why you should consider SSL certification for your website:

(1) SSL provides trust in web browsers & among visitors to your website.

(2) SSL encrypts the transfer of sensitive and private information, including Contact Forms, Email Sign Ups and onsite transactions.

(3) SSL provides authentication of site ownership.

(4) Google is now ranking SSL secure websites higher in search results.

A professional website built according to today’s best practices will gain you more trust and engagement from Users than any other digital marketing investment. At AnnManion.com, our websites feature real human beings that are running the business, all important contact information and social proof galore. They’re built to be not just beautiful and functional, but trustworthy too!

Do you need help making your website more trustworthy? Call me at 978-460-1157. It starts with a conversation!

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