Scott Army Center for Entrepreneurship

On January 9th I had the pleasure of serving as a judge at Business Plan Pitch Day, sponsored by the Scott Army Center for Entrepreneurship at Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury, MA. The following accomplished business  professionals comprised the judging panel:

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Founder of the program Saint John’s alum Scott Army remarks:

Entrepreneurship, I believe at its heart, is about empowerment of the individual to go out and make a difference in the world.


Scott Army Center for EntrepreneurshipSaint John’s High School has built solid momentum around the academic discipline of entrepreneurship. Faculty member Christopher Benestad has taught the entrepreneurial studies course for 3 years, and the school has an active Entrepreneurship Club. These entrepreneurial programs deliver notable opportunities for the young men of Saint John’s to explore and develop business ideas, gather constructive feedback from peers & industry on their big ideas, and mainstream innovative thinking into the school culture.

All the presentations were well done! The 2 winners of the $1,000 cash prizes were:
Best Pitch Award was awarded to Calvin Corrigan, class of 2020 – a freshman at Saint John’s. His company My Ties is jumping into the wooden bow tie market.
Best Business Plan Award was awarded to Dawson Richie, founder of Bow to Stern. This summer he will set sail in Chatham Harbor with an “in-water” boat cleaning system.

Watch the 1 minute video of the awards distribution for the 2017 Business Pitch Day & see Calvin and Dawson accept recognition for their innovative ideas:

Scott Army Center for Entrepreneurship

Dan Kenary, Founder & CEO Harpoon Brewery

The evening was capped off with a keynote from Saint John’s alum Dan Kenary, Founder & CEO of Harpoon Brewery.

To learn more about Business Plan Pitch Day at Saint John’s High school in Shrewsbury, MA, and for details on how to attend or participate in the Scott Army Center for Entrepreneurship, visit the Saint John’s Website.



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