Saving Customers’ Time Gains Market Traction

Meet Bonnie

After spin class one day, I bumped into Bonnie, a businesswoman with a big job. Fresh back from a conference in San Jose, Bonnie told me about her stay at a top tier hotel. She described the luxurious property, room comforts, and pleasant staff.

But events unfolded that overshadowed all the good, leading Bonnie to tell me she would never book with this hotel brand again.

Do You Value Your Customer’s Time?

Today’s hotel guest is short on time, and Bonnie is no exception. As a veteran business traveler, she’s accustomed to speed booking, loyalty programs and real time travel reports.

Wide eyed and animated, Bonnie told me about the hotel’s mishandling of her room charges, the hassle she experienced seeking corrective action on her bill, and how during one phone call she was kept on hold for 15 minutes!

In a nutshell, the hotel did not value Bonnie’s time, creating a powerful trigger for her to change hotel brands on her next trip to Silicon Valley.

Deliver More Value by Saving Your Customers’ Time

When I ran into Bonnie, I had just finished the 24-Hour Customer by author Adrian Ott. Chapters roll out case studies and robust rubrics on the economics of customer time, shedding new light on ways to fine-tune the guest experience to deliver more value.

I recommend you read it, but if you don’t have time either, here’s what you need to know:

[1] Customers want services that meet their needs and give them more control over their time.

[2] Businesses need information on customer needs and wants so they can provide tailored solutions that save them time.

Study the Customer Experience

All businesses should study the customer experience from start to finish to identify situations where time matters most. Look for ways to present information and deliver services in a more focused, personal and time relevant way. Phone apps are all the rage because they allow customers to interact with a brand during the small slices of time they have available. 

The Bottom Line

Saving customers time matters! I predict that those businesses that save the customer the most time will gain notable market traction. What are you doing in your business to save your customers time?

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