Personal Brand Websites

A Powerful Online Professional Asset

Personal brand websites are your prime real estate on the web presenting who you are and what you offer to the world. It differentiates you in a job search, can promote a product or service, or showcase your awesome skills, resume or portfolio.


Whether you’re a working professional, a graduate entering the workforce, or a solopreneur or small business freelancer, a personal brand website gives you 100% control of your message and professional presentation to the world. Today, managing and controlling your online personal identity is a business imperative.


Professional Benefits

For Professionals & Students

– Features your name as the brand.
– Presents your skills, portfolio, and resume.
– Gives potential employers an easy way to contact you or refer you.

For Solopreneurs & Freelancers

– Presents you as the company.
– Promotes your product or service.
– Makes it easy for customers to do business with you or refer you.

Personal Brand Websites


How it Works
Clients submit 100% of their content [copy, images, product & service descriptions, resume PDFs, etc…]. Then your personal brand website is scheduled for production. The total timeline of the project is just 3 days. On Day 1, we build the site. Day 2 is your single revision round & on Day 3 we offer a 30-minute training of your website dashboard. In no time at all, your professional presentation is up and running for all the world to see.

Features & Package Inclusives

  • Hands-on support & consulting for securing your personal url and your web hosting.
  • A single page website featuring:
  • Your resume as an easy to download PDF.
  • Design style and layout of your submitted content:  image of you, a personal statement or bio & up to 3 portfolio items, and up to 3 services or 3 products.
  • Blog functionality if desired & we publish your first blog post. (additional fee)
  • Iconic brand connections to your social media profiles (up to 5 links)
  • Registration of your personal brand website with Google & Bing search engines to enhance your search engine optimization [SEO].
  • On Board Google Tracking in your dashboard
  • SEO Optimization for your leading keyword (likely your name)
  • On Day 2 you get a 30-minute revision round.
  • On Day 3 we offer a 30-minute website dashboard training via Go-To-Meeting.

Additional Marketing Services
We’re a full service marketing group and well poised to provide you all the content marketing support you might need to complete your personal brand website and take your career to the next level. From copy writing to photography, videography to graphic design services, to resume writing and you name it, we can enhance your personal brand website package with all the services you need to achieve your objectives.

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