Personal Brand Websites

Many professionals lack the time to build their online brand. But the reality is, investing in a strong online reputation helps you to advance to the next level in work and in life.

Your Resume is a Relic

Individuals experience a variety of jobs, careers and life experiences, and the resume as we know it is an inadequate tool for telling your story to the world. You need to communicate your story and unique specialness to many audiences including:  employers, clients, schools, investors, and partners (both professional and personal).

Building a personal brand website is the answer for today’s modern, digital age because it puts you in the driver’s seat of controlling your content 100%.

Single page websites are most in demand today by:

  1. Rising graduates & young professionals establishing the groundwork for their careers.
  2. Professionals reinventing themselves in a second career and in a period of relaunch.
  3. C-Level Executives who understand that image matters and want to cast a rich and deep impression of who they are and differentiate themselves as VIPs.

Why Social Media is Not the Solution

Abdicating control of your online content exclusively to others is a bad idea. Social media does not take the place of owning your brand online because you have zero control of 3rd party platforms. Why rely on Facebook, LinkedIn and others when today you have the tools to build your own brand online through powerful content management systems [CMS] like WordPress? Social media is an extension of your online brand, but in no way the complete solution for your needs and primary interests.

Plus, aren’t you weary of forgoing privacy for others to monetize your information?

Personal brand websites are not just for famous people, athletes and politicians. They empower people like us to:

  • Let People Know What We Stand For & Express our Values
  • Present our Signature Style, Offer & Show What Makes us Special
  • Increases our Influence & Opportunities by Connecting us to a Worldwide Ecosystem
  • Anchor & Extend the Value of our Social Media Presence

Single vs. Multi Page Websites

Single page websites are the perfect fit for individuals, consultants, solopreneurs, freelancers, and single mission causes. They are affordable and quick to build. With only one web landing page, a single page website allows you to optimize the most important keyword:  YOU.

Multi page websites are the best solution for emerging brands and established companies. They are longer engagements and require a greater investment, but necessary for brands that want to compete and connect to their target audience.

Characteristics of website types:

Single Page Website

Your Name A Logo of Your Name


Just 1 Person

Promoting You

Selling You

Single Keyword

Multi Page Website

Business Name Business Logo


Many People

Promoting the Business

Selling Products/Services

Multiple Keywords


Without an online presence you can control, your ability to grow your audience, job opportunities, big idea or market is significantly diminished. Contact me today at 978.460.1157 or at to discuss what a personal brand website can do for you. It starts with a conversation.

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