Nordstrom is Brand Brilliant

The last thing I expected the other day was to have one of the best customer experiences of my life. I was at the Natick Collection, short on time, and needing an outfit for an upcoming event. Here’s what happened:

Delivering Great Customer Service
I went straight to Nordstrom’s. Liz Yee, a salesperson extraordinaire if there ever was one, sensed my rushed state, and took me under her wing. Liz asked a lot of good questions and listened to my answers. In record time, she designed not one, but three smart outfits. Understanding my tight time frame, Liz reminded me I could take everything home to think it over, and return whatever I didn’t use, anytime. I bought all three and was on my way.

Exceeding Customer Expectations
I returned to parking level D2, which I’ve since decided should have it’s own zip code, to jump in my car and head home. With my Nordstrom garment bag slung over my shoulder I paced the aisles. No car. I returned to Nordstrom to retrace my original steps. Still no car where I thought it should be.

Seizing a Wow Opportunity

I came upon a distinguished looking man and woman in conversation and asked if they could direct me to a security phone. In an instant the woman expeditiously bid adieu to her friend and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you find your car.”

First, she directed me to hit the panic button on my key ring, which I’m embarrassed to admit I had not done yet. Not a sound. Next, she invited me to get in her car, explaining we’d drive around D2 with my hand out the window on the panic button. With some hesitation, I broke every safety rule imaginable and got in her car.

Chauffeuring me up and down every row and aisle of D2 with my thumb baring down on the panic button, we heard not a sound.

Stepping Way Out of Your Job Description

At this point, I’m hopeless and need to contact security to report my stolen vehicle. But instead, my driver says with determination, “Well, there’s only one thing left to do.” And with that, she exits the parking garage and we’re on the streets of Natick.

She asks me to direct her to the precise entrance I used earlier. We go around the building to retrace my path, enter lot D2, and I begin cuing her “turn left” and “turn right”. Miraculously, as we wind through the catacomb of automobiles, we hear the sweet sound of my car alarm.

As my headlights wink back at me in recognition, I turn to my rescuer to express enormous gratitude. I find out she is Sonja Miller who works in Nordstrom’s collections department.

The Bottom Line

I understand how hard it can be to live out the full measure of your promises each day. But in order to:

  • acquire top ratings on review sites
  • enjoy strong as steel customer loyalty
  • be a leading brand
  • and charge premium prices

you have to live up to your promises like Liz did AND exceed them like Sonja did.

When Sonja recognized a customer in distress, and at a time when she was off the clock, it was in her DNA to deliver the legendary service that keeps landing Nordstrom in Fortune Magazine.

Earning Customer Loyalty

Here’s my point: What drives your hotel’s brand value and reputation MOST is the behavior of your organization. I’m keeping all my purchases, and guarantee you that Nordstrom remains my go to destination for looking my best. My question for you is: What is your business behavior, and do you and your associates go the distance to create a best in class customer experience?

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