Listen to the Voice of the Customer

Listen to the Voice of the Customer and ask yourself, what are we doing to harness the voice of the customer? And, how can we process and deploy customer feedback in real time to lend an immediate impact to our product | service development?

Innovation happens more easily and in greater abundance when companies forge deep roots with their customers. Investing in customer engagement programs can pay big dividends if done right.

Listen to Your Customers

If a company is not engaged with its customers, asking questions, and listening to feedback from all corners of the organizational chart, then I’d say their goose is cooked.

It’s Not Enough to Have a Brilliant Idea

I’ve had loads of great ideas, but there’s nothing remarkable about that. What counts is what your customers think. In fact, it’s the most important thing. The marketplace is ever changing and fickle. If your ideal customer is not interested in your great idea, what’s the point?

Let Customer Feedback Inspire Innovation

Harnessing the voice of the customer [VOC] doesn’t just happen. You’ll need commitment from the very top to get the full horsepower from these initiatives.

Take time to talk to your customers regularly and watch great ideas bubble up like Veuve Clicquot in a crystal flute. Bubbles add sparkle to wine, just like customer feedback adds inspiration to your product and service development.

What I know for sure is that listening to your customers puts you on the yellow brick road of innovation. What could be better than creating a workplace culture that values the economic power of listening to the customer?


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