LinkedIn Premium Accounts – Worth It?

LinkedIn Premium Accounts is on the minds of my clients these days. This summer I was tasked to set up LinkedIn profiles. In some cases they were embarking on a career change and needing rebranding to their existing profiles. In other cases, they were professionals without a LinkedIn account being crushed by invites to connect from people they knew and trusted.

Many Choices

LinkedIn has many account types to choose from, and figuring out what type is best for you can be a challenge. The question I get asked most is, should I sign up for a LinkedIn Premium account and is it worth it?

4 Categories of Accounts

There are 4 different categories of LinkedIn Premium Upgrades (Premium Business, Recruiters, Job Seekers, and Sales Professionals). Within those categories there are even more choices. For example, do you consider yourself an independent Sales Navigator or a member of a Sales Navigation Team? Upgrade packages range in price from  $48-$100 a month. That is a significant swing. In some cases you’ll receive a 25% discount if you prepay for the year. If you are willing to commit, you can enjoy a LinkedIn Premium Business Executive account for $900 a year instead of $1,200 a year. The options are dizzying.

Until you realize something. You might be perfectly satisfied with the features of a FREE LinkedIn business account.

LinkedIn Premium Accounts do offer extra features that can be useful, but the bottom line is – do you have the time to use these features regularly to justify the tariff?

Who Should Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium?

If you were a Job Seeker, upgrading might be worthwhile. It offers terrific search features that could help you do your homework on companies and decision makers you will meet.

If you’re a Recruiter, upgrading could also make sense. It would help you identify and directly reach out to right fit candidates.

And, if you are a Sales Professional, the benefits of a LinkedIn Premium account could help develop and nurture leads in a more personal and trusted way than a cold call.

The Beauty of a Basic, Free LinkedIn Account

I use LinkedIn as a way to stay connected with my network and easily refer my trusted colleagues to one another. I can accomplish all of that with a FREE LinkedIn business account. I did upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account to test it out, but found I did not have the time or business need to use the extra benefits I was paying for.

The one feature I did love about LinkedIn Premium was the opportunity to feature a big branded background image on my profile. But a pretty picture is not worth an extra $50 a month.

If you need assistance building your personal brand on LinkedIn, or want help adding sparkle and relevance to your existing profile, give me a call!

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