Is Your Brand Google Worthy

The digital landscape is constantly changing and leaves most small business owners breathless and in the dark about today’s best practices. Yesterday I spent the day laying out a domain level content strategy for a new client, which had me consuming vast amount of data from SEO gurus who do a great job studying Google and distilling it for others.

If you don’t have time to power through Rand Fishkin’s 83 page PowerPoint from the Search Love Conference in London, or digest SEO Specialist Shae Baxter’s richly written essay on 2015 SEO strategies like me, here are some highlights to simmer on:

Relevant and useful content that helps people find you online has always been important, but I predict 2015 will be the the year small business embraces the big value of having a strategic online content strategy.

What’s the Character of Your Brand’s Content?

Google is cracking down on spam, and if you want to be worthy to earn a spot on page one of Google (there’s only 10 spots), your content won’t stand a chance if it does not cover most of these 5 bases:

5 Content Characteristics Google Finds Lovable

  • Be one of a kind; don’t simply regurgitate others’ puff speak. While you might be publishing universally shared content, your value is realized when you share content in a way that reaches an untapped audience with your unique perspective on the matter.
  • Be relevant, and in a big way. Honestly, if your content or website disappeared, who would miss it? Anyone? Who would miss your voice and insights online?
  • Be helpful! Google’s mission is to direct users to the best information and resources on the web. Always have your audience in mind and give them information they need.
  • Provide a great UX [user experience]. Brands that make it fun and easy for others to consume information get more traction. Are you using all the tools available to make eye candy out of your content?
  • Make it share worthy. When the Google gods see your content being consumed and shared with others, they get very excited. Their powerful algorithms are triggered that your content is in demand, and that’s a very good thing! Your content should make the person who shares it look like the hero.

Your brand is not a brand until it has made an impression on others. Be positive and assume people want to find you online! Create content that has the characteristics Google finds lovable, and challenge yourself in 2015 to make an indelible mark in the minds of those searching for you.

Great content marketing is very hard work and takes time, but it’s the only SEO pixie dust I know of that delivers higher rankings and long term, satisfying results.


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