Dr. Seuss on Social Media

The social media puzzle companies face today reminds me of life’s great balancing act in Oh the Places You’ll Go! Figuring out just how social media fits into your marketing and brand strategy can be a challenge. On the subject, Dr. Seuss might say:

Where Will You Choose To Go?

Marketing and PR folks are in the drivers seat, and they know what they know. They’re looking up and down streets called “TV”, “Radio”, “Direct Mail” and ”Trade Show” and wondering if they should go down those roads, or head straight out of town, where things can happen!

Will You Soar to High Heights?

That wide open space promises you’ll fly into the lead, to top all the rest, in places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare! Except sometimes you won’t, and you’ll be left in the lurch, with a Facebook page and few fans, or a blog that never found its voice and went kaput.

Or End Up In The Waiting Place?

Or worse, you’ll find yourself confused by all the choices, and end up in a useless space.

  • Waiting for the economy to improve
  • Or waiting for corporate to tell you what to do
  • Or waiting for an ROI study on social media to hit your desk.

Right there with others, just waiting. But you won’t wait for long, because you’re smart, and you’ll find your escape.


But you will figure it out. And the day will come when you arrive at the bright place, and boom bands are playing. And when you get there, it will be because you blended your marketing plans with social media initiatives that fit your business objectives. And also because you realized that CONTENT IS KING!

Oh the places you’ll go! And, the magical things you will do with video, and mobile devices, that will make you as famous as famous can be!

And Further You Will Go

You’ll have faced up to your problems, whatever they are, because you now know that you must go to the places your hotel guests go, listen to them, engage in dialogue, and show them you care.

What’s holding you back from climbing your social media mountain?

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