6 Characteristics of Great Brand Storytelling

Six characteristics of great brand storytelling can connect businesses to audiences and increases engagement and that can lead to greater customer intimacy. Understand that no single advertisement or press release can tell the whole story of your brand.

Brand Journalism is when a company decides to create its own content rather then rely on an outside third party to shape the story. Brand Journalists act as company evangelists from the inside, pursuing and writing compelling brand stories with the alacrity of a New York Times reporter.

In the March 2013 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, author Ann Handley smartly points out in “Lessons From the Big Brands”:6 Characteristics of Great Brand Storytelling

“Your [company] story is always about the people who use the thing you sell, not about the thing itself. In other words, cast your customer as the hero, rather than you or your product. Tell that bigger story relentlessly and unwaveringly.”

How to Tell Your Story

Producing compelling content is a leading pain point for small business because it’s time consuming and a distraction from daily operations. Our methodology takes a slow build approach, so I start by asking clients,

“What’s the most compelling company story we can tell right now?”

We help brands by researching and producing content in the form of testimonials, case studies and blog posts which we publish in real time and distribute on your company website, blog and social media outposts.

6 Characteristics of Great Company Stories

  1. They are true, relevant and capture audience attention.
  2. They feature a rich variety of media [images, video and audio.]
  3. They show real people doing real things.
  4. They are filled with the voices of your community [customers, vendors & strategic partners]
  5. They deepen relationships with your audience.
  6. They are NOT written to sell.

What Brand Storytelling Can Do For Your Business

  • Communicate and reinforce who you are and your specialness
  • Differentiate you in a positive way
  • Show why you matter
  • Encourage dialogue with your audience

Today, the influence of the Internet combined with the sensibilities of younger consumers who reject direct selling techniques is profoundly reshaping marketing disciplines. Companies are increasingly creating, hosting and distributing their own content because it helps them engage with their audience more effectively. What’s your brand’s story?

If your response is “I’m still working on my story”, you might want to check out an example of my work. Here’s I wrote as a part of a content marketing program for a Design-Build Specialist in Concord.

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