5 Ways to Use QR Codes

5 Ways to Use QR Codes blog post offers up ideas for growing your business with this new social media wonder. If you’ve wondered if a single property manager within a giant hotel chain can rock social media, look no further than Barb Youchah, Sales Manager of the Middletown, NJ Comfort Inn.

She’s growing business at her comfortable little inn near the Jersey Shore through a hotel blog, as well as twitter, Facebook and foursquare outposts.

Barb describes herself as a QR Code Ambassador,

“I feature a QR code that links to our website on my email signature, business card, and on all room, event and meeting contracts. Its a great conversation starter and helps me promote our property’s unique specialness.”

This month Choice Hotels International, which includes Comfort Inns, kicks off a new marketing campaign featuring a QR code. Guests can scan the code to learn about earning a free $50 gas card when they stay 2 non-consecutive nights in one of the company’s 7 hotel brands.

Growing Your Business with QR Codes

Here are 5 ideas on how you can advance your customer’s social media experience and deliver more value with QR codes:

1. Increase Sales

QR Codes appeal to the sensibilities of today’s time-starved customers, so reward them with on the spot coupons, discounts, and real-time upgrades.

2. Reduce Costs

My local, independent coffeehouse reduced their material costs, in turn boosting profitability, by partnering with Britevision, a company that invented the Ad-Sleeve. The restaurant received free coffee sleeves featuring a QR Code linking users to an app for an FX Network show.

3. Strengthen Loyalty

QR codes can help you build audiences for your social media outposts by providing free quick links for users to “Like” and “Follow” your hotel on Facebook, twitter and YouTube.

4. Improve Service

QR Codes can offer practical conveniences, such as links to business directions, online applications, or customer feedback forms. A restaurant could place a QR code on guest checks, taking diners to a satisfaction survey where they’re later rewarded with a chance to win a free meal.

5. Create Buzzworthy PR

Chef Jose Duarte of Boston’s Taranta Restaurant is an early adopter of QR technology. Beyond t-shirts and business cards, Duarte used edible squid ink to create QR Codes on plates, and used a mini cattle brander to stamp QR Codes on his tortillas, in both cases linking users to a landing page of recipes.

Now it’s your move, how will your business use QR Codes to deliver more value and grow your business?

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