5 Questions to Ask About Your Online Reputation

Running a business today is a far bigger job than it was just a few years ago. Why? Because today customers know your record. Online opinions about you and your company are a top influencer, and losing business to a competitor can happen in one spontaneous click.

Online Review’s Sudden Impact

The sluggishness I see in some businesses monitoring, interpreting, and taking action on customer insights reminds me of a scene in Sudden Impact where Dirty Harry tells a man he’s a legend in his own mind.

Online Customer Opinions Can Be Affirming, or a Bitter Pill

A general manager remarked to me recently that unfavorable reviews are like his neighbor’s barking dog. But in reality, the customer whose comments you find so annoying is often the same person you’re throwing traditional marketing dollars at to attract. When it comes to online guest reviews, my advice is:

  • Respond to the Collective Wisdom of the Crowd
  • Avoid Taking Comments Personally

Is Your Business a Legend in its Own Mind?

Ponder these 5 questions to find out:

  • Do you market yourself as a premium business destination, but rank consistently at 3 stars or below?
  • Have you allowed critical online feedback to go unanswered?
  • Do you think paid for brand monitoring tools are unnecessary?
  • Have you placed someone in charge of your social media programs who is untrained and disconnected from your marketing and business objectives?

These are some questions to think about.

Your Reputation is your #1 Asset

Right now, your businesses reputation is doing one of 2 things:

  1. Bringing You Business
  2. Driving Business Away

My question for you is, what’s your online reputation doing for you?

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