10 Ways to Refresh Your Website

Building and maintaining a brand website involves months of work and a notable investment.

Have you ever wondered about the ROI on maintaining and refreshing your website post launch?

For answers, look no further than Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report. It points out the business imperative for keeping your website loaded with fresh content.

Consider this:  today the 3 leading online sources with the most digital influence on purchasing decisions are:

  • Retail Sites (56%)
  • Brand Sites (34%)
  • Blogs (31%)

If you’ve let your website languish like the Accidental Gardener, here are 10 ways to help it grow and be healthy again:

10 Ways to Refresh Your Website:

  1. SWAP in New Slider Images
  2. WRITE Case Studies
  3. ADD Portfolio Items
  4. HEADLINE Testimonials
  5. PRESENT New Services
  6. SHOWCASE New Products
  7. TAKE and Post Fresh Team Pictures
  8. SHARPEN Key Words.
  9. PUBLISH blog content on schedule
  10. SHARE Press Buzz

Number 4 is one of my favorite ways to add fresh content to a website because testimonials and endorsements create a powerful and positive influence on consumer buying behavior. I’ve developed a highly effective method for capturing high impact customer quotes and posting them to websites in record time. View one of my client’s quote carousels here.

Your Website Launch is the Beginning [Not The End]

Clients who assume that websites are self-sustaining quickly find themselves in the weeds. If you find yourself wearing those muck boots, look to these professionals for help:

  • Content Marketers
  • Brand Journalists
  • Website Professionals
  • Market Researchers
  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters
  • Photographers & Videographers

When you know better, you do better! Make 2013 the year you breathe some new life into a neglected website.

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